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What Others Have Been Saying


"Great fun, lots of laughs and fantastic setting where participants feel at ease approaching one another with a good intent. One particularly interesting aspect was how often I heard people mention each other’s name to try out one another’s lock and key. Thanks Janice for all your hard work and making us feel welcome and active participants. Looking forward to the next events." – Allan, Atlanta

"I just want you to know that I had THE TIME OF MY LIFE last night!  I have been dying to get to one of
these parties and I am so glad I did.  My friends had a blast, too! 
We have been talking about it all day!  YOU (and the lock and key parties)
ROCK!" – Odessa in Atlanta

"Better than 10 Super Bowls.
More exciting than any roller coaster. Your lovely host Janice throws the best
parties in the entire world (far as I know).  The Lock and Key event is the
ULTIMATE ice breaker and while no turnstile or velvet ropes are required to
attend, you could conceivably bring them along with you for assistance in
managing the crowd of cool people who will be lining up to meet you!!! 
Sign up for the next Lock and Key Event, you will NOT regret it.  If you
miss the next one, you better be dead, or in intensive care, or in jail….and
if you’re in jail – break out." – Andrew in Atlanta

"I came to the
Lock and Key Event
at the W Hotel last month
(Nov ’06) and I met a wonderful
(This was the first one that I attended and I have recommended it to several
and I have been together ever since and things are going
great.  We met during the Martini making contest just before everyone began
trying to open locks.  We also talked at the end of the night and had our
first date the next day
!  It turns out that it was
birthday the
night of the event, even though I felt like it was mine since I met the nicest
guy there
, which was a present in itself.  Anyway, thanks for putting the
event together.  If you hadn’t,
and I might have never met! 
And I would not have had such a wonderful last month!  THANK YOU!

in Atlanta

"I attended your last party and can honestly say that it was the most fun
I had in my 24 year history of South Florida. Nice job! I told a few
friends about it already and will probably go to your next event." – Lisa

"Amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it, all the gorgeous women of a popular club, but none of the noise and with my Key, I was able to approach like 150 different women to see if I unlocked. I stayed and talked to the ones that interested me, moved on to other unlocking opportunities if I
wasn’t. It’s BY FAR the most effective way to meet women and not get any `attitude` I have ever encountered. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait until the next one!!" – Kurt, Age 38

"I just wanted to tell all of you that this was the greatest thing invented for the single life. I had a chance to meet such wonderful people both guys and gals. I told all my friends about it!!!!!!!!! I did get to meet someone very special and we have seen each other or talked everyday since your L&K event. Thank you for a wonderful night." – Malia in Orange County, CA

"Wow, this was a total blast! I must have talked to a hundred guys and even exchanged a few phone numbers. For the ones I
didn’t like, simple! I just told them it was nice talking to them but I had to go find a key that opens my lock. No hard feelings and I got to hang out with some really interesting guys and made some new female friends too. Pretty cool concept!" – Cathy, Age 26

"I was at the Lock and Key party in Miami (my second one) and I just wanted to say that you guys have the best singles parties around. It is one thing to go to a party and see a lot of women you’d like to say hello to. It is another thing entirely to know that you can approach every woman there and say hello without getting the cold shoulder!
And even if a woman was not interested in talking to me, it didn’t matter, because there were dozens of others who WERE interested! And they were all very friendly, fun, attractive, and most importantly, OPEN TO TALKING!! If every singles event in South Florida could be like this, the dating world would be a better place! So keep up the good work!" – Robert in Miami

"Hi, I went to your first L&K party in Philadelphia last night, and I must say I
had a really good time! I almost decided not to go, but I am very glad I did. It was so easy to strike up conversations and make small talk with so many women — much better than the typical night club. And, after the L&K was over, we were able to stay in the club and meet more people who came in off the street. The price was right, the people were friendly, the women were attractive; Great Job!! Looking forward to the next one. Thanks." – Jim

"Just a quick email to say how I really enjoyed Friday night. I thought the whole idea was so well planned and so well organized. It was really a fun night and a great opportunity to meet people, and I think I speak for a lot of the people who were there.
Prizes were great, (I’m really happy as I won!) Overall a really entertaining night. Thanks, hope
there’s many more to come." – Kathleen

"I think the party was a tremendous success, and I had a blast. The women that were there were not pretentious, stuck up or hard to talk with. As a matter of fact, they were just the opposite! It is a nice change to have women coming up to you and having them feel comfortable in doing so, because everyone knows why they are there. I am going out with a girl I met there on Wednesday, and based on that, I may or may not be at the next one!" – Christian

"First and foremost, I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for putting together such a great party on Saturday night [in Orange County, CA]! I wasn’t sure just what to expect – during the first 15 minutes I was thinking that I actually preferred the much more low-key, 3-minute, one-on-one/face-to-face set-up, but as the night progressed, I really liked Saturday night’s “lock and key” theme. Again, thanks for all the work you put into pulling it all together – it was a great turnout with lots of very nice and interesting people." – Clark

"I have never seen anything where I could actually meet so many people! Nice ones too. Finally I am in control and felt really comfortable approaching men I
didn’t know all because I wanted to see if we would unlock. When’s your next one??" – Patti, Age 37

"I think this is one of the best parties I have been in, it was so much fun because you really don’t have to do much to get to know people, they are there and the girls are willing to talk and have fun, it is not like you have to get in line to talk to someone, everybody is talking with everybody, and if you are interested in someone you have the best excuse to talk to them, the lock and the keys, and besides girls are looking to talk to you as much or even more than guys are. The lock and keys are the best icebreaker and is so much fun I’m just waiting to know when is the next one, because I’m definitely going and bringing a lot of friends to it, they couldn’t believe me there were so many beautiful girls in the party, and seriously I saw a lot of incredible looking girls in there. Can’t wait to go to the next one!" – Raul

"I only got 3 unlocks but I got 5 phone numbers!" – John, Age 25

"Thanks for the Dinner for 2 Gift Certificate I won at your Lock And Key Event.
I’m taking a girl I met there out this weekend and am using the certificate!" – Erik, Age 42

“I really loved the Lock and Key Event. It was my first time. The crowd was wonderful and I was very pleased with the turnout and response from the people that I met there.” – Sean, Age 31

"The event was a great opportunity to meet a lot of single men in one night. There were at least 200 people there and the locks and keys were such a great excuse to talk to everyone. I’ve gone to other parties and events of various kinds but The Lock and Key Event was my favorite, probably because I’ve been dating a great guy that I met there for about 2 months now! I think we have potential together and our paths would have never crossed had we not both gone to the Party. Thanks!" – Jennifer, Age 33

"The people attending were in a good mood, very approachable and not to mention a very nice looking crowd." – Sandy, Age 37

"I really enjoyed the Lock And Key Event last Friday. I met a lot of very nice people, female as well as male. Thanks for a fun evening, and I will be thinking of your staff, while I am on my date tonight. I met him last Friday!! " – Thyme, Age 31

"The event was great and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the people there. It was very comfortable and fun." – Eric, Age 33

"I got to meet some very nice people in a relaxed, fun environment/situation. I’m new to the area and I have found it difficult to meet quality people." – Tanya, Age 31

"As someone who plans social events myself, I was impressed. They must love you now at the venue, the place was absolutely packed! Well organized! You had the help you needed, had enough locks & keys for all & everything seemed to run smoothly. You kept it simple & it worked. Congratulations on a great job!" – Barbara, Age 41

"Just a Phenomenal Event!!! This one will be talked about for a while. I just wanted to send you a compliment, a thank you and a congratulations….Keep it up…" – Michael, Age 42

"This is a first win for me in anything, and today, I was pampered at that lovely spa. THANKS SO MUCH for making your prizes so great!…" – Avril, Age 37

"Thanks for all of your help with the event the other night. I met someone there and want to thank you so much for what you do. I have never had this chemistry with someone before. We are so comfortable together that we are already planning a trip in January. Thank you, thank you, thank you!…" – Casey in Denver, Age 25

"I wanted to thank you for the awesome event you had at Passion nightclub (Sept 7). Since it was my first event I did not know what to expect, and going alone made me feel a little vulnerable. I have been doing more and more things out of my comfort zone recently. I am definitely glad I did because I was able to connect to fellow singles and danced until I could not dance anymore. I have told my friends about it, and they want to join me when I go to the next event. Thanks again,…" – Alexandra in South FL, Age 40

"I just wanted to let everyone know that if they don’t attend one of these events at least once, they are missing out on a great night of fun. You get to meet a lot of new singles in the area and make new friends at the same time. Later you have the chance of winning great prizes, “I did win the CASH prize!” Thanks for a great experience at Oxygen Lounge. I can’t wait for the next event. I’ve told all my friends and they can’t wait to go with me. This is a must do for every single…don’t be shy or embarassed…just do it…you won’t regret it! See you soon,…" – Emy in Miami, Age 41

"I’m calling to thank you for the great event in White Plains, NY. I had a great time! You ran the event quite well! It was definitely a new and better experience than what I’ve had at speed dating. I’m looking forward to attending your January event…" – Peter in White Plains NY, Age 43

"I had a really great time on Valentines Day (2009). Thanks for the kiss! And the prize. It was maybe the best singles event I ever attended. I’d like to know if you can send me the 2 pics of us together. See you soon…" – Tony in White Plains NY

"Hi Donnell,

I meant to find you and thank you for doing such a great job last Sat. The fact that you greeted me by name, and you hadn’t even seen me in person really speaks to your character! The Lock and Key idea works great, though I think I was definitely the youngest person there (23) by at least 10 years. I’m crazy about older women though so it’s not bad. I met a very nice and attractive woman and we kissed very sweetly, it was one of the best moments in my 23 year old life, ha! And it all happened at Lock and Key! ….. I would love to attend another, but I feel a little guilty seducing older women at your wonderful events. Maybe I shouldn’t though? You’re great and thanks again!…" – Adam in White Plains NY

"I have attended several L&k events and have always had a very positive experience. It is so easy to meet everyone and I found the people fun to talk to. Let’s face it, we are all in the same boat and I felt very comfortable and safe in that environment with like minded single’s. You have always had a large number of quality staff on hand to help facilitate a great time for all. I met the same woman at two different L&K events. We both felt comfortable in the group atmosphere and getting to know one another. Since the last event we have been dating one another and it is going great. She has become a surprise gift to me. Thank you for making a difference in our lives!…" – Jeff in Minneapolis

"This was one of the best times I have had since I moved to Arizona. For once people at a bar actually spoke to each other. I met more than a handful of quality men and women – everyone was so NICE!!! I will be recommending this to all my outgoing, fun-loving single friends and I will be back for sure!!…" – Heather in Phoenix

"Very enjoyable event. Attendance was huge. Well organized. I met very nice and friendly people of diverse age groups. Attendee’s were very multicultural – nice to meet people from diverse backgrounds. The organizers did a great job. The time of the meetup was perfect – the band started playing and added a lot of excitement to the atmosphere!!…" – Natasha in Miami

"Your Lock and Key event was the BEST social opportunity event that I have attended in my almost 3 years of living in North Carolina!!…" – Wayne in Chapel Hill NC (Raleigh-Durham region)




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