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Dallas, Texas

Local Singles Events and Lock and Key Parties in Dallas, Texas. Ready to check out the next big thing?

Join our next Dallas Lock and Key Event, the FUN way to socialize, make new friends in Dallas, meet your match… or just to have a great time! Lock and Key parties transform a regular happy hour by adding the ULTIMATE ice breaker. It’s like no other party you’ve ever attended! With your lock or key, you have a reason to talk to anyone and everyone you want!

Thu Jan 25, 2024 7:00 PM

Federales - Tequila & Tacos
2820 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226
Ages 21 to 55


DALLAS SINGLES EVENT! The best singles event of the New Year! Looking for things to do and fun ways to meet new people? Show up & maybe meet you new love!

Lock & Key is one of Dallas' most FUN events for Singles! Celebrate the New Year with us in a very fun and safe environment. If you haven't been to Federales-Tequila & Tacos, you don't know what you are missing. The place is huge, with a great variety of food and beverage options. It has a cool vibe with a roof that opens to starry night views, if the weather permits.

You'll meet lots of eligible singles eager to make new friends and maybe even meet someone of significance.

At a Lock & Key event, every female gets a lock and every male gets a key. When a key unlocks a lock, both guests receive a free raffle ticket for prizes at the end of the event. You must be present to win. We invite you to join us for what will definitely be a memorable night! You are invited to stay after the event and continue enjoying the crowd at Federales.

Please invite all your cool single friends!

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Every time you unlock, you’ll be entered to win prizes! Your goal is to match the right lock with the right key. Do it and get a ticket for the prize drawing, more tickets = more chances to win! You then get a new lock or key and go back into the fray to repeat the process Find someone you like, stay and talk for a bit! Exchange contact info if you like.

Raul, Albany NY

I think this is one of the best parties I have been in, it was so much fun because you really don’t have to do much to get to know people, they are there and the girls are willing to talk and have fun, it is not like you have to get in line to talk to someone, everybody is talking with everybody, and if you are interested in someone you have the best excuse to talk to them, the lock and the keys, and besides girls are looking to talk to you as much or even more than guys are. The lock and keys are the best icebreaker and is so much fun I’m just waiting to know when is the next one, because I’m definitely going and bringing a lot of friends to it, they couldn’t believe me there were so many beautiful girls in the party, and seriously I saw a lot of incredible looking girls in there. Can’t wait to go to the next one!